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About Us & Our Concept

Chef Patron - Sean Wilkinson


Sean Wilkinson is a multi-award winning chef with over 25 years experience in the industry. taking in restaurants across the UK (including Head Chef at the 2 Rosette Frenchgate Restaurant & Hotel) as well as restaurants in Austria, France and Greece.

Sean is an accomplished chef, having also featured on tv, including ‘the chemical chef’ for ITV which documented Sean’s innovative restaurant in Middlesbrough, Attitude, not to mention the various magazines he has been featured in.

He has also been involved in a number of corporate projects, including commissions by Colgate and Ikea.

Awards include:

- Flavours of Hambleton Awards 2010 – Restaurant of the year Winner, Hotel Restaurant of the Year Winner

- Flavours of Hambleton Awards 2009 – Restaurant of the Year Winner, Outstanding Achievement Award, North Yorkshire Chef of the Year

- Restaurant Magazine – UK Best Dessert – Winner 2007

Sean’s cooking style reflects his travelled and extensively trained background, blending classic dishes with modern styles as well as his innovative, scientific, molecular gastronomy approach, taking diners on a culinary exploration - this caused one food critic to say "Liquid nitrogen to Sean is like olive oil to Jamie Oliver".

Favourite Restaurant: Alinea by Chef Grant Achatz

Favourite Dish: Dessert on the Table by Chef Grant Achatz

Favourite Tipple: Gin

Maître'D - Paul Kay


 Paul graduated from Teesside University in 2010 with a degree in Crime & Investigation, but returned to working in IT.

Following stints working for international corporates, Paul set up his own IT consultancy providing services to global organisations managing IT Services and Operations.

Paul and Sean met through a shared interest and a friendship grew, with lots of ideas regarding food and restaurants. This, coupled with a love of good food and great dining experiences led to Sean and Paul creating The Secret menu.

Whilst Paul’s cooking experience ceased with Home Economics in secondary school, he is no stranger to top quality dining, enjoying restaurants such as House of Tides (Kenny Atkinson), Roux at the Landau (Michel Roux Jr), and the now closed Arbutus (Anthony Demetre), to name some.

Paul is responsible for branding, marketing, web & social media, experience planning, bookings and partner sourcing with Sean.

Favourite Restaurant: Restaurant Story by Chef Tom Sellers

Favourite Dish: Emancipation by Chef Michael O’Hare

Favourite Tipple: Malt Whisky

The Concept

The Secret Menu logo

We don't have a home - we're of no fixed abode.

That's the beauty of being a pop-up.

We get to change our working environment.  That might mean we take over a local restaurant, or we book out a church hall, or some other location.

Likewise, we have no set menu - each experience has a menu designed specifically for that experience.  That could be dishes from the many classics, dishes to show off seasonal ingredients, dishes to tell a certain story, experimental dishes, and more.  

The beauty of it all is - you won't know what it is until it's presented to you!

When we advertise our events we will tell you:

The Cost

The Town 

The Time

You'll then need to contact us to book.

Before you book we will confirm any dislikes or allergies.

If you have any allergies or dislikes which may be appearing in the menu, you will need to look at future experiences as the menu is set for all diners.

If there are no concerns with your allergies or dislikes, we will ask you to pay the fee for your whole party for that menu - payment in full is required at the time of booking.

On the day of your dining experience, we will e-mail you - and at the latest - by 12:00 (noon), giving you the location.  Please follow the instructions to arrive at your venue on time.  The experiences are small by restaurant standards and usually, offer no more than 16 places.

Some experiences may be BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze). At these experiences you will bring your own alcohol (we will be able to make suggestions), we will provide soft drinks and mixers for you to purchase.  Other experiences will have a full pay bar available (and we may have drink parings on offer at these experiences).  In either case, you will be advised before booking.

After your meal, you will be provided with a copy of the menu specific to your experience as a momento, and to show your friends.